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I have done a lot, Now it’s time to pivot.. Being an all around creative person, I have my hands in a lot…sewing, cooking, decorating, desiging, and just generally creating beautiful things. For the last 10 years or so, I have grown my online and local presence as a Textile Artist and Designer. People know me as that ‘lady that makes colorful bold fabrics’. That is because I block and screen print on fabric, and sell what I make, either at local markets, or online. 

Yetunde in front of a mural she painted at a Cincinnati Coffee shop
Yetunde in front of a Mural Painted at Drip Coffee Lounge, Cincinnati OH.

I have licensed my designs to be used on buildings as murals! It is humbling to me that my doodles and spur of the moment drawings have had such impact! 

Before I became known for textiles, I operated another blog, called “AfroMartha,” where I shared home projects, recipes, and such. Some form of it is still around on the interwebs, but I wouldn’t bother trying to track it down.

Life outside of Printing Fabric

I have 3 children, who are quickly growing into adulthood. As I sit here writing this, my youngest son turns 15 today. I remember a time when my life was all about them…making sure to keep them alive, fed, and loved.

It seemed like that period would last forever. Although I thoroughly enjoyed that stage, I so looked forward to a day when I would have more time for myself, and they wouldn’t be so needy. One day I looked up, and my oldest was graduating High School. I blinked, and she has now finished her 2nd year of school, my middle child is preparing for the last year of High School, and my youngest is entering 10th grade. Now that I am no longer needed in the same way, I miss those hectic hustle and bustle years. It truly goes fast, it is said.

Back then it seemed like I had no time for anything, but still somehow accomplished sooooo much! Now I have all the time I need, and I feel at a loss.

Now What?

I love printing on fabric. I do not for-see me getting tired of the printmaking process. Of course, with creating fabric, came the inevitable question of what to do with it. The logical answer was to make things to sell with it. I have grown want more than just selling “things.” I want to share knowledge, create community and facilitate experiences.

This is the new direction for YayToonDay. Won’t you come with me?