Yetunde Rodriguez is a Nigerian-American Textile Artist and designer in living and working in Dayton OH.

Her work is a celebrates the joy created by the simple combination of color and pattern. She believes that the things we surround ourselves with should bring joy and have meaning, and we should elevate the everyday.

As a child growing up in Nigeria, she experienced the joy of color and pattern. She comes from a people that truly believe in celebrating with passion and beauty. She takes creates with this ethos, whether she is in the studio making art, or designing patterns.

She creates art that is whimsical and bold in a colors vibrant color palette that get a reaction.


All our items are made in small batches in our studio in lovely downtown Dayton Ohio.

We design the motifs that make up our fabric. These surface patterns start out as a sketch that is turned into a block to be used for block printing. They could also be turned into a screen for screen printing. 

We mix our own colors to create that just-right look. Our home decor items are hand printed onto natural materials such as Linen, Cotton, and Wood. We aim to create work that is special, timeless, and meaningful that you will enjoy for years to come.

We believe in putting brayer to ink to cloth for that human touch. No two iterations of a print will be exactly the same. We believe that this creates a quality product that is infused with joy and soul that can not be found in mass produced items.

Our fabric items are also sewn in house. Our wood range is printed in the same studio.

We love what we do, and hope that it shows!

hands placing a print on fabric.