Art Process

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Yetunde Printing

Now say that 5 times fast! That’s how fast I (look like I) print in this video!

Anyway, I recently had the opportunity to print a custom order for a local boutique. The yardage was to be used to provide a visual texture in the beautifully minimal space. The fabric now covers a roughly 5ft wide by 9ft long raised platform in the center of the shop. Pardon me, the shop was in the thick of preparing for their soft opening, so we did not yet get pictures of the installation…that comes later. For now, feast your eyes on the printing process…I’ve heard it can be quite mesmerizing to watch.

This design is my famous “Tribal Marks” print. I have carved this stamp many times since I first created the design. I created the large scale stamp for printing yardage, so that the printing session can go quicker. For the large scale stamp, I carved the design 4 times, then quadruple-ganged and mounted them onto a flexible backing. The backing is a plain ol’ dollar store cutting mat. Having a flexible backing makes it easy to lift off a corner of the stamp to check the impression before lifting off the stamp. You can see this in the video.

This was a super fun project that taught me a few things and got me out of my comfort zone. I was previously worried about printing long yardage because of the possibility of mistakes. To my thinking, once the registration starts going awry, it’s only downhill from there. The thing is, errors will inevitably happen. As I learned from doing this project, it is possible to salvage the project. In short, I learned how to correct correct course and fix a gap in registration.

The moral of the story is, you can plan and prepare, and mistakes still happen. If you keep pressing on, you may find the solution to fixing the problem. More importantly, you are reminded that a mistake is not the end of the world.