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Canary Consulting

When a local Actuary firm contacted me to design and execute a Mural for their office entry area and conference room., I thought long and hard. I had never done anything like that, therefore I was apprehensive. I knew I could design the mural, however, I was concerned about the execution. I am not a Muralist, but i was up for the challenge, so I said yes. 

The Client wanted bold geometric designs using their signature color, Canary Yellow, and Deep Blue. I presented the client with some of my designs so they could get a feel for the design work.

The next step was to obtain measurements and photos of the spaces. I then used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop I was able to manipulate my designs onto the photos of the space to create Mockups of the look of the space. I presented to client with 3 options to choose from. 

The last step was to install the Murals. See the finished work below

Conference Room