Free Coloring Pages

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How are we doing out there?

Just dropping in real quick during the  (not-so) great Covid-19 aka Coronavirus panic of 2020.

At this time we have been homebound for about a week, and folks are going stir crazy!

I have personally decided to take this time to invest more in my creativity. I have been doodling, coloring, making, and basically trying to ward off anxiety.

It occurred to me that other people might get something out of this. Maybe doodling and coloring might help take your mind (if only temporarily) off things. 

Mind you, there are no shortages of coloring pages out there, but these are not like Yaytoonday coloring pages.

So here goes:
I designed these doodles in the style of my block prints, but I’ve left out some of the finer details so that you can embellish them as you please. Feel free to add more patterns and shapes inside the main basic shapes I have started for you. You can look to mine for inspiration.

Instead of using a heavy black outline, I made my outlines a lighter gray so that you can decorate within the lines if you please.

You can use any coloring tools you have at your disposal. I used sharpies and Posca markers, but you can use coloring pencils, color pens, or even crayons! Anything that will put down color will do. Just have fun!

You can click the images to get to the downloads. Happy coloring!